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My name is William Tait and I created How To Be A Music Success.

For over a decade, I’ve been obsessed with one simple question:

How do musicians “make it”?

After years of experience, challenges, and research, I’ve finally decided to share what I know.

To be honest, I had a hard time learning what to do from the conventional routes.

Like going to college, or bothering musicians, or even cold-calling record labels. 

Yeah, that stuff didn’t really work.

Even worse, I kept hearing these worn-out phrases –

  • “You gotta pay your dues first.”
  • “It takes luck to “make it” in the music business.”
  • “The music business is dying. Why even bother in the first place?”
  • “Throw your video up on Youtube and see what happens.”
  • “Get a normal job like everyone else. You need security and stability.”

In fact, most of what they say, there is some truth to it. There is no denying that.

But it’s only surface level. 

When has anyone ever said to you – “Hey, you just have to pay your dues first.”

And you go…

“YES. That was it! Everything makes perfect sense now. I know exactly what to do!”

Never. It actually makes the situation worse.

Why? Because, we know it’s difficult. We don’t need to be reminded of this.

We want to know the specific steps on how to achieve something.

I could sit here and talk about how bad life is, how hard music is, blah blah etc.

And guess what, that will make me look like the smartest man in the universe.

I would always be right. Anything I said would be the exact truth.

But, I know you’re tired of the same old stuff. 

I know you’re tired of spamming your grandmother your new EP.

And I know you’re tired of people telling you to just play for “the art of music, man”.

At HTBAMS, I test these false assumptions and find the truth behind what it takes to go from zero to success.

It’s not luck – it’s scientific math.

You’re missing the entire game. 

In my opinion, musicians have a powerful gift that they’re told to ignore and hide.

  • “Just be lucky anyone is listening to your stuff.”
  • “Don’t charge money for that, no one will buy.”
  • “Get a stable job and just do this on the side.”
  • “I can pay you in beer or pizza money, is that cool?”
  • “It is what it man, what can you do.”

Everyone has told you WHY you can’t do something or WHY you can’t become successful.

You’ve never been taught successful habits because your mind automatically assumes that it’s a waste of time.

“What’s the point? It’s a rigged game from the beginning.” – we tell ourselves.

As a result, you try everything under the sun, trying out the newest social media fad, or new marketing tactic to build a buzz until you’re lost, overwhelmed and ready to give up.

In fact, some waste tons of money on managers who can’t negotiate good deals, music placement finder sites who just want your money, and “viral” Facebook likes that give a false sense of validation.

If we aren’t careful, this will lead us down a path of bad habits, lack of focus, and misguided direction.

This creates an incredibly toxic cycle that is hard to break. And before you know it, we lost ourselves

My promise to you is this. I will not let this happen to you.

I’m here to show you a better way, save you a ton of money, and years of time.

This is a place for musicians who want a better life.

Artists who want to pay their bills. Live comfortably or lavishly (it’s your life – what do you want?).

Overcome inner turmoils. And unleash their musical greatness.

Since Leonardo Da Vinci, up to Isaac Newton, through Mozart, Albert Einstein, Benjamin Franklin, Michael Jackson, Eddie Van Halen, and Eminem…all of them followed a similar path to mastery.

What if you are on this path, but you just can’t see it?

What if someone gave you an outline and said: “This is where you’re at and this is the path you’re on.”

Now that is much different than “just build a buzz man”.

Again, it’s not luck – it’s science.

Before we go any further, let me be upfront and honest with you so that way we don’t waste each other’s time.

Since the dawn of man, man has always searched for shortcuts.

The philosophers stone was written a long time ago and stated that if you found this stone, it could turn any matter into solid gold.

But, it never actually existed and ever since then, man has always tried to find shortcuts. (Spoiler alert – the philosopher’s stone is a metaphor for the mind. Think about that.)

If you tried to cheat this system and process, just as easily as you attained any level of success by sheer luck, you would lose this level of success just as fast.

Go ask Floyd Mayweather or Mike Tyson if they just winged it. Nope, their entire day-to-day activities revolved around boxing for years.

I’m going to teach you these same methods – how to develop an insane obsession, how to stay dedicated, and how to be ferocious in your music, career and life.

But remember, we have to respect the long process that is needed in order to achieve not just mastery of our craft, but mastery of ourselves.

Again, if you’re reading this far, I already know you’re in this thing for the long haul (10+ years).

And guess what, it’s way more fun to do it this way. The right way.

It makes for a beautiful story that people would pay money to see in movie theaters. 

This site is about attaining mastery, not just in music, but in every facet of life.

Remember, once we master ourselves, the success follows.

I teach what I test on other students and I share my results. If it’s good, I share it. If it’s bad, I keep testing it until it works or I put in a vault for no one to see. 

Ironically, my methods are always different than what people say I should do.

To see my methods, you can subscribe to my email list (it’s free) for tactics, tricks, and updates. Scroll up to the top of the page and sign up.

This site teaches four core things for musicians wanting to succeed in life:

  • Music
  • Business
  • Lifestyle Design
  • Behavioral Habits

Sometimes, I will go over other topics like:

  • Psychology 
  • The technical in’s and out’s (the data)
  • Customer research & development
  • Creating products and selling them
  • Growing an audience
  • Tour hacking
  • Negotiation
  • Health & Fitness
  • Finance

We want it all – total 100% greatness in every area of life.

Let me go further into what How To Be A Music Success does…

The 3 Main Parts of How To Be A Music Success

HTBAMS Blog – This where I share my content for free.

All you gotta do is click the name of the site and it takes you to the main blog. I usually try to write long, evergreen, articles that are the definitive guide to X on that subject. 

I also include a ton of resources, research, and analytics to back up my proof. These can be heavy reads and I want you to sit down, get comfy, grab some coffee, grab a pen a paper, and invest dedicated time to these articles.

Why do I do this?

Because it stands above my competition. While others are focused on top ten lists, I give the best article on X subject and can promote the hell out of it. People remember outstanding content way more than a top ten list.

I want it to last for years and I am very strict on quality control. I have put out some great, good, and not so good material. It happens. But, I always strive to improve and make the best of the best.

If you want to write a guest post, be reviewed, or be featured anywhere, send me an email.

Artist Spotlight – This is where I interview artists, answer Q&A’s, and review music.

If you want to be interviewed, send me an email.

In your pitch, include: your bio (a list of accomplishments, your music resume, and story), 3-5 pictures, links to your music, your website, your email list size, your day-to-day schedule (Monday thru Sunday, all hours of the day) and I will respond back with a list of interview questions if approved.

Respond back with your best, in-depth answers and it will be published within one month. This will be a heavy editorial piece that you can use to promote, give credibility, and build your audience. It looks really good on your resume.

HTBAMS Live – This is where I host live concerts, events, and parties to let artists mingle and connect. All are welcome to the party. This has not been launched yet.

At HTBAMS, if we do something, we must realize that we have to continue doing that forever.

That means, if you do something, you have to add it methodically and soundly like a brick in a pyramid. I don’t want to add anything until I see certain key greenlight markers.

I do this for efficiency, time management, and respect for my readers and customers (that way I’m not dragging them all over the place telling them to do this, or do that, or check out this or that).

I see that a lot with people and they start a million different channels (podcast, 30 social media profiles, videos, articles etc) and they give up a month later cause they’re burned out.

Not here. We do thing one at a time with a proven purpose and reason.

Who is William Tait?


William Tait is a music business entrepreneur.

Born in Alabama and after years of traveling America, living in Nashville, L.A. and Austin, William has seen and done almost every career in the music business and business world, from booking agent to PR, to consultant for labels, sales consultant for startups, composer, and guitarist.

William decided to turn this knowledge into this site and share it with the world to empower musicians and turn them into entrepreneurs.

He studied by learning from the experts, making mistakes, and undergoing an intense period of education, spanning in all forms of business.

He has now created this site to provide artists with his tested results.

He combines business, music, and psychology in order to make outstanding products.

William’s main goal is to make artists achieve their dreams, big or small.


goodbye long hair…. 🙁

Here’s what a few people say about William and HTBAMS:

“William is a tenacious and intelligent leader. He continually goes out of his comfort zone to find the best solutions for his audience of eager musicians. If you want reliable content that’s been tested, read HTBAMS.” – Theresa P.

“William is a rare breed. He’s passionate about the music industry and helping artists succeed. My favorite qualities in William are his work ethic and unparalleled ability to research, test, and teach new strategies for success.” – Clint B.

“William is easily one of the brightest, innovative, and most technically sound guy’s I’ve ever met in any industry. I’m 43 and I have no problem going to him for advice.” – Mike K.

“What happens when you mix Steve Jobs, Russell Simmons, and Dr. Dre? William Tait.” – Sasha T.

“Dude, your material is fucking amazing. Some of the best material I’ve read on the music business by far. When are you going to add more?” – Ajeet G.

“I really enjoy reading your emails and I think you’re doing an amazing thing. Peace and keep going please” – David P.

“Your material motivates and inspires me to be the greatest musician in the world.” – Terry Z.

“I have known William for over 10 years. One of the most down-to-earth guys I’ve ever met and incredibly brilliant and very talented. I’ve never met anyone who could talk about such a wide variety of subjects in one sitting. It was incredible.” – Pete S.

“I met William through an online course and we immediately hit it off. William says he learns from me, but in reality, I learn from him. William has been pivotal to my success and I owe him so much.” – Sarah K.

“What can I say, William knows everyone, has done a lot, and has a huge heart. This is special and I can see the world opening up to him.” – Daymond J.

“William is a great student and practitioner of patience. It was my pleasure knowing him over these years and he will go far.” – Doug G.

“You’re one fearless son-of-a-bitch and I’m glad we’re friends.” – Gerry S.

“Hey man, just wanted to tell you that I was able to land my first deal by reading your material. I know you may get this a lot but I can’t thank you enough for everything you do. Because of your material I was finally able to land a deal and start my first album. Thank you.” – Desmond D.

 “Your site is fantastic, i love it just because it’s so simple but so powerful. I usually like to get a cup of coffee, lay in bed, and read your material. Is that weird?” – Katherine D.

“OF COURSE I will write you a testimonial. You are fucking insane and probably one of the smartest guys I’ve ever met. Just reading your material gives me hope for my dreams. Please don’t stop.” – Jen C.

“I’ve been a HTBAMS reader since day one. One note for you – PLEASE RELEASE MORE MATERIAL :D” – Layla A.